Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Open House? Yes Please.

For all of you who have been ANXIOUSLY waiting to hear about how my open house went - it was awesome.  The one thing i WAS worried about though was the "sparkle and shine" we had to do, and I honestly thought I did better than I had hoped.  Here's the rundown on how it went, just because I know some people do like to hear about what to expect if they were in that situation.

Right before I walked in the door, I made sure to turn my cell phone OFF so I wouldn't be tempted (professionalism is everything in this industry), and had everything I needed.  I walked in and was greeted by the Human Resources director, where she signed me in.  After all that junk, this short lady walked me and three others to the room where we would be attending the open house.  I was the third one there out of about, sixteen people.

While we were sitting and waiting for everything to get started, I chatted up the people who walked in there with me.  Really nice people, neither of them had ever been to an open house before, so that was a little reassuring.  I felt like I knew more what I was doing than they did.  More and more people were showing up, and I soon found out that i was the SECOND youngest there, next to a 19 year old girl who flew in from Tennessee, which was pretty cool. 

Everything got started and the staff introduced themselves and whatnot, and was followed by a presentation about the company.  I really focused on my posture and eye contact with everyone, and kept a smile on my face :)  The more and more I heard about the company, the more I wanted the position!   After the presentation, there was a short break, followed by everyone's "sparkle and shine"  I of course, with a last name ending with "W" had to go last, which I HATE, but it gave me more time to prepare.  In my sparkle and shine I talked about traveling as a young child, and how the travel industry really stuck with me.  I then talked about the travel academy and my education and experiences there, and also what kind of customer service experience I had.  I think I basically nailed everything I wanted to get across :)

We find out today sometime whether or not we qualify for the face-to-face interviews, so wish me luck everyone!   Have a WONDERFUL day! :)


Juniper said...

What an interesting experience, so it was an opportunity for them to decide whether they wanted to interview you?

I hope you get through to the next stage, best of luck!

melissa said...

Yeah, the open house basically let us know what to expect from the Company, and our "sparkle and shines" let us show them a little bit of our personalities and how we handle speaking in public i guess..i don't really know how it all works! nowww is the hard part of nailing the interview questions one on one..thank you VERY much!